Welcome to Our Traffic School Class Courses

The three modalities that we provide are In-Classroom, Internet, and Home Study.

Allied Traffic School was created as a service of the American Safety Council to provide online teaching that helps students meet their requirements for all their traffic school needs and insurance courses. Allied Traffic School is aimed to help drivers of all ages to meet their driving needs or their traffic school requirements.

Visitors of Allied Traffic School can also find driving tips, including how to properly use and maintain their vehicle's safety equipment and how to cope under different traffic conditions and situations.

Call us at (323) 660-1134 for Los Angeles, the easiest and most competitive-priced traffic school serving all courts and counties of California.

Approved Courses Nationwide

Our approved traffic school courses are available in more states than any other traffic school provider. From coast to coast, we have you covered with all programs including, but not limited to: defensive driving, traffic school training, general driving teenager's programs, senior citizens evaluations, driver improvement training programs, as well as a course from one of our other approved states. With Allied Traffic School, you are sure to get quality service you can trust at a price you can afford to get the best.

Easier Online Traffic Violator Course

Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) Internet course is licensed for use statewide. The easy-to-read program is entertaining, informative, and loaded with colorful graphics, videos, cartoons, and jokes that will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, you can take it from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you have Internet access) and complete it in a few hours or over a few days—it's up to you! Register now, and you'll be back on the road to safe driving in no time!

The price of this course is just $19.99.

Home Study

Our DMV-licensed traffic violator school (TVS) booklet course is licensed for use statewide. The informative, easy-to-read text is supplemented with helpful charts and interesting photos, and the hilarious cartoons and traffic-related jokes will have you laughing while you learn. Best of all, you can read the booklet anywhere: the beach, the backyard, or while traveling on a bus, train, or airplane—just not behind the wheel! Nothing could be easier!

The price of this course is just $50.00.

Conventional In-Classroom Traffic school

Class Schedule (In Classroom Traffic School Hours)

  • Monday and Tuesday: 6 PM to 10 PM

  • *(8-hour class is completed in two sessions of 4 hours each.)

  • Be 10 minutes earlier for class registration.

The price of this course id just $60.00.

Traffic School Office Hours

  • 8 AM to 5 PM

  • 8 AM to 5 PM: Monday Through Friday

  • *Saturdays From 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Our Fleet

  • Dual Control Equipped

  • Front and Rear Energy-Absorbing Zones

  • Side Impact Doors

  • 5mph Front and Rear Bumper

  • Shock Absorption

  • Air-Conditioning

  • Energy-Absorbing Soft Upper Interior Trim

  • Dual Side Suspension

  • Adjustable Front Headrest and Separate Rear Headrest

  • 3-Point Front Shoulder Belts

  • Comfortable

  • Retractors (ELR) Automatic/Emergency Locking